Responsible Production

Sarah Tally

Posted on February 25 2021

Responsible Production

As most of you know, a core part of Rose Hill Classics’ mission is responsible production. But what is responsible production? Much like the “natural” food movement, there are very few clear definitions and labels. To me, responsible production means choosing fabrics that are less harmful to the environment and a manufacturing facility that pays fairly and treats its workers well. This doesn’t sound that radical, but, unfortunately, it is. 

The vast majority of clothing sold in the United States was not made here. Most of it is produced in southeast Asia by people, predominantly women, who are exploited. They are paid pennies – nowhere close to a living wage – and work in atrocious conditions – no air-circulation, low light, cramped spaces, etc. I chose a manufacturer in Massachusetts as my partner. Good Clothing Company is female-owned and is committed to sustainable production practices, including paying workers fairly for their labor. 

As for the fabrics, it is hard to source fabrics as a small brand. I focus on buying from reputable fabric companies. For example, the fabric for the Frances and Blythe dresses are from Kendor Textiles, a Canadian company that produces in South Korea and Japan, which have comparable labor laws to the U.S. 

This commitment to responsible production means that Rose Hill clothing costs more than what most of us are used to seeing, but I think it's worth it. I hope you do too.

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